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Hand Free Desktop Two Way Interphone
  • Hand Free Desktop Two Way Interphone
  • Hand Free Desktop Two Way Interphone
Hand Free Desktop Two Way Interphone
  • 品牌 : Ycall
  • 简介 : 1.OEM acceptable 2.Two-way voice intercom communications technology
  • Model : E320
  • Name : Two Way Interphone
  • Type : Desktop
  • Main base Dimension : 108*94*43mm
  • Substation dimension : 68*20mm

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Hand Free Desktop Two Way Interphone

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E340 Hand Free Desktop Two Way Interphone

Bank, financial securities, hospital, post office, cash desk, business hall, box office, tollbooth, etc

Functions and Features

1. Two-way voice intercom communications technology, automatic identification of processing speech signals during a call, does not require any action;
2. Auto
dual-way intercommunication without pressing any button; Anti-interference and noise-free function
3. Dual-way audio record output; Dedicated anti-side tone processing chip with aoto-mute function
4. Has special side tone processing chip and the movement noise function can effectively improve the noise
5. The voice from this system is clear and natural; Has top-quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone. Especially the metal tube microphone is deal for the counter and the dual-way intercommunication
6. Main base Dimension:108*94*43mm
    Substation dimension: 68*20mm
7.Material :plastic

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