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wireless calling system
  • wireless calling system
wireless calling system
  • 简介 : Specification of dispaly receiver K-236
  • Specification model : K-236
  • size : 365*158*40mm

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Specification of dispaly receiver K-236

1  with high strength aluminum alloy shell,durable in use

2  Use digital code technology and the function is steady and reliable

3  Show 3-digit number and can show two groups of number at the same time.

4  It can work with 400pcs 1-key or multi-kesy call buttons in max

5. Can show different service type,if work with muli-keys call bell buttons.

5 It can  save 32 calling info in turn,and apply in basic service places.

Technical parameters:

Working voltage:DC12V~18V
Working current:<10mA
Working Frequency:433.92MHZ


Wireless calling system can be used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, tea house, coffee shops, health clubs, beauty salon, spa center, bars, swimming pool, beach, etc

What are the components of the wireless calling system?

1. Wireless receiver, installed on the count

2. Call button, installed on each table

3. Signal repeater (optional), enhance the signal

How does the system works?

1. After your customer gets seated the waiter informs them that when they require service, all they need to do is press the button sitting on their table.

2. When the customer presses the call button on their table, their table number will appear on the reciever with ringing. Waiters then head over to the table to take the order of the customer promptly and quickly.