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Wireless Calling System is widely used in service area. It consist of table button for guest use and signal receiver for waiter or waitress use. When the guest needs any service, he or she just press the button near him or her, his or her desk number will showing on the RECEIVER with alert music or sound. So the waiters could offer service very timely.


Wireless Calling System can be used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, tea house, coffee shops, health clubs, beauty salon, spa center, bars, swimming pool, beach, etc

What are the components of the wireless calling system?

1. Wireless receiver, installed on the count  

2. Call button, installed on each table

3. Signal repeater (optional), enhance the signal

How does the system works?

1. After your customer gets seated the waiter informs them that when they require service, all they need to do is press the button sitting on their table.

2. When the customer presses the call button on their table, their table number will appear on the receiver with ringing. Waiters then head over to the table to take the order of the customer promptly and quickly.

How does the queue system works? 

A: Customer give order to counter Counter take order and give customer a Q number. Customer wait

somewhere for order. When Order ready. For example No.99’s order is ready. Counter can press

0099 + “ENT” key from K-MAIN or 999QMS keypad transmitter. Then screen receiver will display the number 99 on

the screen with dingdong sound. Customer will see the display number and go collect food.

B: This Calling System is mainly used in fast food restaurant, clinic, hospital , office and

so on where there are a lot of customers waiting for his or her service. They system

consist of a keypad transmitter (K-MAIN or 999QMS) for the caller and a receiver(K-S or 3LED) for the one who

will be called. When the callers are ready for offering service. He or she just press the

number on the keypad to send an ID to the pager. And the people holder the pager

(beep sound, light, vibrate) will know the information that the dishes or the service are

ready to be offered and take it at earlier time